Photo Friday // Make It Snow

Ok guys, here is my photography tip for the week. It's a big one, so get ready. MAKE IT SNOW. Step 1: Do a snow dance. Step 2: Wait for the snow to begin. Step 3: Get bundled up, and go dance/run/twirl/throw around the snow. Easy enough, right? Snow always equals pretty photos. 

Today we all got our first ever adult snow day. Portland doesn't know how to deal with snow, so everything is cancelled. My car thinks it's a sled, so we're stranded at home...which I'm completely ok with! We have a grocery store, our favorite tea shop, a movie theater, restaurants, and bars within walking distance, so I think we'll be ok :) Sydney, Taylor and I decided to pack everything up and walk to Tea Chai Te to cozy up with some tea and do some work. On the way we decided to have a little photo shoot in the snow. I'm so glad I documented this little memory with my two favorites.

I had grand plans to do a Photo Friday post about lighting this week, but I decided since it's a snow day I'd go with something a little easier and leave time for snow fights and hot cocoa. All the other lessons I've learned doing this Photo Friday thing were actually pretty helpful while taking these photos, so if you've been following along let's take this week to review! Next week I'll be back with some tips that might be a little more feasible for some of you :)
In case you're curious, for most of these photos I had my ISO at 320, my aperture at f/2.5-3.5 (lower for any close ups), and my shutter speed on the lower side since the snow is so bright! Do you have any tips for taking photos in the snow?


  1. Oh man, I am so jealous of everyone and their snow days. We don't get too many of those in Hawaii... :P

  2. We had a snow day this past Wednesday! We stayed in most of the day, but it was relaxing! x

  3. My goodness, these pictures are just the cutest. I've been meaning to try Tea Chi Te for ages--how is it?

    1. Tea Chai Te is the best! I practically live there :) I would definitely recommend trying it out.

  4. Great tips! These pictures turned out fantastic!

  5. Adorable pictures!! Love the big red jacket! It looks so warm!

  6. Gorgeous! I wish it would snow here in San Francisco for just a couple days so I could take photos in it too! I know that people quickly get sick of the snow, but it makes photos magical. So jealous of your snow day!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room