A Valentine's Day Mix

Time for another mix! This is a (somewhat lovey dovey) playlist I put together for Valentine's Day, but it's really a collection of music I would listen to any time of the year...I threw in a few corny classics (it isn't a Valentine's Day mix without a little Sam Cooke!), some covers of old classics, and then a few of my favorite songs that have slightly more subtle messages of love :) I hope you like it!

What have you been listening to lately? What are your favorite love songs?

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  1. <3 Such a good mix!! I love so many of these and there's a few I haven't heard, thanks for the tips!!

  2. lovely,
    by the way are you looking for a penal from Germany?
    I have send you a mail and also tried to contact you via Facebook :)

  3. That is a great list! Love Milo Greene. It's funny, I actually met the band members at a Civil Wars concert without knowing who they were or that they were the opening band. I was totally surprised when they appeared on stage later on! (And was even more surprised at how much I liked their music)

  4. Such a lovely list! I am certain now that we must be friends haha. I just may start playing this list all week to get in the Valentine's Day mood.

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  5. just found your blog and i LOVE it and i love your taste in music... so really, its all just love at first sight.

    1. thank you for your sweet words! so glad you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet :)