Taylor's Summer Mix

I know it's almost September and the warm weather is on it's way out (cue hysterical crying), but here in NYC it still feels like full on summer, so I'm going to stay in denial for a little longer :) Here is Taylor's summer mix to carry you through the last little bit of summer. Hope you like it! You can check out our other summer mixes here. What have you been listening to this summer? I'm always up for some new music recommendations!

Shrinky Dink Jewelry on Brit+Co.

Remember this DIY from a while back? Well, I decided to pull out the shrinky dinks again and try my hand at a few more accessories...This is such an easy way to make custom pieces on the cheap. Head on over to Brit + Co to check out my post and get some inspiration for pieces of your own!
Since I last posted we've made the move to New York City! Taylor and I are finally starting to feel fully settled into our new apartment in Brooklyn and falling quickly in love with the city...I can't wait to share some little bits and pieces of  our new home and life with you all. Of course, I'm getting a spurt of creative energy and desire to get back to blogging right before things get crazy again -- I start my Masters of Social Work on Thursday, and life is going to get busy quickly!...but I'm so excited to pursue something I'm so passionate about. I'm thinking this is going to be a pretty great time in my life :)