DIY Gold Heart Headband

I've had the materials for this DIY headband sitting around for ages, but not being able to work outside due to cold weather has made me reluctant to pull out the always somehow ends up in my bed (It's true what they say: glitter is the herpes of craft supplies). BUT, I decided Valentine's day would be the perfect time to suck it up and do this project...Because what's better than a gold, glittery, heart shaped accessory to wear on February 14th? (Well, maybe a red, glittery headband, but I'll leave that one up to you).

Here's what you will need: sheets of felt, glitter, glue/some sort of adhesive (the less gooey the better), a needle & thread to match your felt (or a sewing machine), elastic, clear spray paint, and scissors.

If you would like to skip a step and avoid drying time/lots of mess you can do what I did and use felt sheets that have adhesive already on one side. If you do this, you may not want to use a sewing machine because it gets the needle a little sticky. But hand sewing it was super quick and easy.

First, cut out a bunch of hearts. Use a piece of string (or whatever you have lying around) to measure how long your strand of hearts needs to be to wrap most of the way around your head and line the hearts up along it as you cut (mine goes from just below the tops of my ears).

Next, sew your hearts together. If you are using a sewing machine, I would probably pin the hearts to a strip of fabric and sew one line horizontally across all of the hearts, and then cut off the visible fabric. If you are hand sewing, just use a couple of small stitches to attach each of your hearts, like I did with mine. When you are done, sew on your elastic. Measure the headband on your head to figure out how long you will need it to be.

Now, glitter-ize your hearts. If you have adhesive felt, take off the backing papers (carefully) one at a time, and pour on the glitter. Press down a little on the glitter to make sure it really sticks before you shake it off.

Last, spray the hearts with a few coats of clear spray paint. This will stop the glitter from getting all over everything (glittery hair isn't just looks like dandruff. So this is essential!).

That's it! Enjoy your new super cute, super cheap accessory. If you'd rather avoid all the sewing, you could just attach a glitter heart to a hair clip for a more subtle accessory :)


  1. Cute!! I don't usually dress very girly, but this is the perfect little touch of glam for an outfit. :)

  2. This is so cute! I am loving those hearts...the perfect accessory for Valentine's Day! You are inspiring me to get my craft on... :)

  3. This is so pretty! Perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. you made this?! this is so cute and (so) apropos for valentines day! :)
    have a great week, xoxo


  5. I love this DIY, so cute!

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  6. SO CUTE! I don't particularly like headbands on me, but this one is so cute that it just may be worth a shot!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room