A Book of Love // Valentine's Day Inspiration

Here's a fun little gift idea for someone special on Valentine's Day! This is actually something that I do for Taylor each year on our anniversary, but it also works for Valentine's Day (or any other special day for that matter). This project is pretty cheesy but, hey, you knew what you were getting into when you clicked on a post about Valentine's Day ;)
Each year I put together a little book that tells the story of that year...I write about any special things (or mundane things that were still meaningful) that happened and create pictures to go with each page. Then, each page has a song that goes with it - either a song that goes with whatever I wrote, or a song that was meaningful to us during that time. Taylor and I are the kind of people who remember exactly what we were listening to during certain events, so it's fun to have little mixes that remind us of each year of our relationship. I usually burn the mix for him and create a little pocket for it in the back of each book. If music isn't so much your thing, think of something that is meaningful to you and your special someone and see if there is a way to incorporate that into your book...maybe you're long distance and write a lot of letters - create little pockets for copies of special letters...maybe you bond over books - include your favorite passages...get creative!
Thoughtful and homemade is always better than store bought, right? What do you like to do for your Valentine?

Hope your week has been wonderful! xx


  1. Oh how coincidental! I am doing something very similar for my Valentine this Valentine's day (although, at the rate I'm going, it might turn into a birthday gift...). I love all the details you've put into this!

    I'm going to try to do this too every year from now on.. hehe :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! I have been trying to think of ways to document the years with my guy as well, and this is a great idea! All the little hand drawn details are precious and add so much personality. Definitely want to use your book as inspiration!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room