Bits + Pieces

Today was a good day. I woke up to a house full of my most favorite people - who all promptly piled into my bed for a cuddle puddle...It felt like we were back in the dorms freshman year of college, squeezed into the bed-fort my roommate and I made. These crazy kids were my first real friends in college, when I was completely freaked out about the fact that I actually had to talk to strangers. Last night we pretended we were back in college, and it was great...and what made it even better was that we didn't have use a sink our dorm-mates puked in or get to breakfast before the cafeteria closed. Because now we are adults and have our own bathrooms and cars to drive to brunch. Best of both worlds, friends :) Anyway, here is a post with some photos I took over the last couple weeks.
1. A corny family portrait.
2. Christmas ornaments and magical bokeh.
3. Snow out the window. I was so excited for it to snow while I was visiting home.
4. I guess he's ok ;)
5. Christmas nuts before I massacred them for this post.
6. My favorite furry baby. My christmas wish was for him to come home with me. Santa did not deliver. Rude.
7. Christmas dinner.
8. Gosh he's ca-yoot.
9. So is he!
10. Playing in the snow! Photo credit goes to Taylor.
11. The only good photo I got in New York on my DSLR due to a malfunctioning battery.
12. Snowy day walks are magical.


  1. Lovely photographs! Especially the one of the city!


  2. Looks like a wonderful time!!