See//Blue Jasmine. Woody Allen's story of a selfish, sad, unpleasant, yet intriguing woman who you almost feel sorry for. Cate Blanchett is brilliant as usual.

Hear//On a slow grey day, put on some earphones and play Volcano Choir at full volume. This is one of Justin Vernon's (of Bon Iver) side projects -- it's like Bon Iver, with a little twist.

Taste//Lately I've been making this salad at least once a week: combine one bag of edamame, a regular sized package of dried cranberries, a container of crumbled feta (roughly a cup of each), a handful of chopped up basil, a few tablespoons of olive oil and a little salt and pepper. You won't be able to stop eating it, I promise.

Read//I know it can be dangerous to get too political online, but last week I came across this interesting article called "9 Questions About Syria You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask." Some helpful information on an important (and complicated) situation. Read if you like :)


  1. Sounds like I have a lot of great things to check out! Doing the reading now.

    Love your blog! Going to put your button on mine :)


    1. Thank you! Funny, because I found your blog recently and was thinking about asking if you'd want to do an ad swap! :) If you have a button that is 250px wide I'd love to but it up here - just email it to me at