Life Lately (And Also Not So Lately)

Yesterday I finally uploaded all of my photos from this Summer off my camera and went through them...So many good memories! I keep meaning to throw together a "life lately" post, but clearly that hasn't happened yet...So I decided to share my favorite pictures/memories from this Summer all in one post.
At the beginning of the Summer we had a birthday bbq for my friend Caroline (far left). We grilled, drank beergaritas, surprised Caroline with birthday cake shots (whipped cream, sprinkles and all), and took lots of goofy pictures.  The one above is one of my favorites with three of my favorite girls :)
(If you've never had beergaritas here's how you do it: combine frozen limeade, tequila, and ice in a blender. When it's slushy consistency add cheap beer and mix. Serve on a hot day.)
One of my favorite memories this Summer was going to see the Lion King in the park. We brought a feast of rotisserie chicken, bread, cheese, chocolate pie, and grape juice. We were the only people there in our 20s but it was fun watching all the crazy kids run around and singing along to a movie we all grew up loving.
These two are my people. I love them so.
A couple weeks ago, we had a big goodbye bbq for my friend Sam, who moved back home to California. We set up the backyard with lots of lights, made a bbq feast and celebrated one of my favorite people. It was bittersweet - one of the best nights of the Summer, but so sad to say goodbye.

Not pictured: trips to Sauvie Island, wandering around street fairs, exploring the city, my birthday, Sydney's birthday, lazy days working in cafes, family dinners...this was such a great Summer...I miss it already!

What were your favorite Summer memories?

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  1. Great summer pics! We're just coming into spring here in New Zealand so this makes me excited for our summer!