Braided Headband Hair Tutorial

The other day I decided to try a hairstyle I've seen variations of around the internets - I've never been successful before but this time it was super easy and turned out so well I decided I'd share with you all! Here's how it's done: take a chunk of hair from behind your ear and pull it up through your hair, leaving some pieces in front of it. Braid the piece of hair while holding it up (so you don't get a weird bump when you pull it up over your head). Fasten the braid with a clear hairband and pull it over your head like a hairband and pin it (hide the pin under hair as much as possible). Don't worry if the braid doesn't reach all the way behind your ear - we'll cover the end up! Now, take some of the pieces you left in front of the braid/headband and pin them back, covering up both ends of the braid. To hide the bobby pins, lift up the hair right above where you are going to pin the hair, pin it, and then put the hair back down over the bobby pin so you can't see it. That's it! Sorry for the lack of pictures...hopefully it all makes sense!
You could also do another braid starting from the other side so it's more noticeable, or do multiple braids and twist them together...endless possibilities! Today I did two thicker braids, teased my hair a bit at the back to give it volume and then twisted it into a bun. Kind of like a less intense version of milkmaid braids.
Also, speaking of hair stuff - Emorie over at Oh Whimsical Me has a great post about using baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair that got me interested in trying out a shampoo free haircare routine...we'll see if I ever decide to take the plunge. Has anyone else tried doing "no-poo"? What do you think?


  1. Your hair looks amazing! I have curly hair so this is going to work perfectly!

  2. I smell a video tutorial! I lasted for about three weeks of no-poo last summer before I had an event to attend and gave in...the first month is pretty rough.

  3. Love this hairdo! I must try it. I've heard of the whole 'no-poo' thing and I like the idea of it but I hate having dirty hair so I don't think I could do it! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do jump on the bandwagon though.


  4. So pretty, I really like this!!

  5. I will say it is so so hard to get through the first few weeks or so as your hair adjusts. Just keep that in mind if you try it, so plan on lots of hair up days for awhile. Also, your hair is really pretty :)