Summer Lovin' // Summer Mix 2014

Happy second day of summer! It's been hot and humid here on the east coast and summer is definitely in full swing. Time for trips to the beach and picnics under shady trees. Oh, and G+Ts. Always G+Ts. I've been pulling together this mix over the last month or so (in hopes that summer weather would come faster), and collecting new songs as I heard them on the radio/in stores/on TV shows. Of course I had to throw in a bit of my girl Bey. I recently re-discovered the album "4" and have had it on repeat. Also, who else can't stop listening to that "Rude" song? So catchy and perfect for blasting in the car on a hot summer day. Hope you enjoy the mix! What songs are you listening to this summer?


  1. Great mix! I'll be listening to this today for sure!


  2. Sooooo my friend and I have listened to this playlist about a hundred times (I know, we have super exciting lives) can we get a new one soon?

    xoxo gg