Honey Basil Collins

Ok, so, I'm definitely cheating a little bit here because I didn't actually come up with this cocktail, but this collins from Oven & Shaker was the first drink I wanted to try my hand at when I got home. I figured I'd share the recipe here since not everyone has the privilege of living (+ eating + drinking) in Portland! If you're in Portland, I would highly recommend giving Oven & Shaker a try (get the spicy salami pizza - you'll never have pizza without honey again!).

For this drink you will need a small handful of fresh basil, 2 oz. vodka (I've also found this drink is pretty good with gin), 3/4 oz. lemon juice, a squirt or two of honey (I would adjust this based on your preferences), 2 oz. seltzer water, and ice.
What I do is tear the basil up roughly (not too small) and throw it in my cup with the vodka and honey. Muddle to release the flavor of the basil. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well, and fill your glass with ice. Enjoy your perfect summer drink!

Do you have any favorite summer drinks? I would love to hear! xo


  1. This looks divine, thank you! I like to stick with strawberry or rose wine, and put in some frozen fruits like strawberries or raspberries. Coconut water and rum is good together, with a wedge of pineapple on the glass. Rootbeer and any kind of vanilla flavored alcohol tastes like an adult rootbeer float, which I'm crazy for. Staying home, I like to make lemonade with some kind of alcohol and garnished with lemon wedges. Vodka, honey bourbon, and whiskey are all good in it. When I go out I like sour apple martinis. I think one of my favorite things to do during the summer is buy those bottles of snow cone syrup and make adult snow cones with rum and ice in a blender, with a cherry or two on top. You can also make a pretty good drink with DeKuyper watermelon pucker schnapps, Malibu rum, Three Olives cherry vodka, blue Curacao, sprite and grenadine syrup.

    If you try any of these out, let me know how you like them! I can't wait to see your other drink recipes. :)

    Paige J. | MoondustRabbit.com