Snail Mail, Pt. 2

Happyhappy Friday, friends! Boy, am I glad the weekend is here. Today seemed to drag on forever...half the kiddos at work are sick and crabby so things in the classroom were a bit crazy. Crossing my fingers the constant hand washing and sanitizing paid off! I am so ready for a night out with friends, followed by a couple days of nothing but rest and relaxation :)

Today I thought I'd share a couple quick and easy cards I made. If you're not at all punctual like me, I figured you might still be putting together thank you cards from the holidays, and could probably use a little inspiration! Or maybe you made a New Years Resolution to write more letters (hey, remember when I said I would do that?...Hah!). Either way, here ya go! You can see my last Snail Mail post right here.
Card making is one of my favorite crafts...I used to make these crazy elaborate cards for birthdays/valentines day/christmas/etc, but in recent years I haven't really had time. I'd love to start doing it again, but for now I'll stick with these simple (but sweet) card ideas.
This one is probably my favorite (mostly because I'm a little obsessed with gold glitter these days) and it took me about a minute to make last night. To make the glitter part look sort of like imperfect brush strokes, I used the corner of a new-ish glue stick to make the lines, and then poured the glitter over. I had to fix up a couple spots with a little more glue. Then I used my favorite letter stamps to write a little French thank you.
 I made this one a while ago to send to a friend who moved away, but you could also make a thank you card this way. Put some sticker letters on your card, dip a dry brush in paint, test it out a couple of times until you get a stroke you like, and then paint lightly over the letters. Let the paint try and then peel the letters off!

This one is super simple. It's just a piece of cardboard with tissue paper triangles glued on.
This is another card that could be made into a thank you card. I used sticker letters to write hello in a bunch of different ways, and then put neon washi tape around the edges of the card.
Have a great weekend :)


  1. Such great, simple ideas! You'd pay $8 at Anthropologie for cards like that! Good job girl ;)

    xx -b.

  2. Super cute cards! Have you tried embossing with stamps? They'd take your cards to the next level. Hope Portland isn't too cold!


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE I spend so much money on buying notecards, but now I think I will start making my own :)

  4. Ella, these cards are AMAZING!
    Where have you been hiding these?!
    I love snail mail too, so this post warms up my heart.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Jenny @ Coffee & Honeycomb