Simple Fall Decor Inspiration: Part I

I'm back with more pumpkin related goodness! This time I have some easy fall/halloween decor inspiration for you! As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not so into the usual halloween and black is one of my least favorite color combinations (too bad they were my school colors in college!)...BUT what about orange, white and gold? Those are close enough to halloween colors, right? I can get with that. 

To make these little decorative pumpkins I painted a layer of modpodge all over the stems, poured on lots of gold glitter, let it dry, and cleaned off the excess glitter. Then I decided it would be fun to add some white to the pumpkins, so I painted on some polka dots with acrylic paint (this required a couple coats). 
You could do lots of fun things with the white paint! You could paint triangles, stripes, you could do a dipped look...I was also thinking it would be cool to do a spider web-esque design by criss-crossing thin strips of tape on the pumpkin and then spray painting over it (let dry and then carefully remove the tape). The gold would also look really nice on a white pumpkin!

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