Off to the Pumpkin Patch We Go

This past weekend was full of lots of fun Fall activities, despite freakishly warm and un-fall-like weather (you're probably wondering why we're wearing shorts and dresses in the pictures below...go home Portland weather, you're drunk). After a big brunch Saturday morning a group of friends and I made the trek to Sauvie Island to pick out our pumpkins! Sauvie was crazy felt almost like a big fall festival. We wandered the fields, saw some animals (and resisted buying the cutest black piglets that were for sale), and came home with more pumpkins than were probably necessary...
When we got home, my housemates and I (plus Taylor) all made spiked cedar, put on some Beach House Pandora (the best) and set up a carving party on the porch. Below is my best attempt at a picture of all of our pumpkins (minus Sydney's which wasn't finished because of her perfectionist tendencies ;) ) really doesn't do them justice!
Aaaand, here is my pumpkin! I'm not super into the usual spooky/corny halloween decorations, but I can get with all the skulls. Those who know me can tell you I have a small obsession...not with creepy skulls, but pretty dia-de-los-muertos-esque skulls. Know what I'm talking about? Anyway, naturally I decided to carve a skull. I found some inspiration online, drew on my pattern and got to cutting. I did a combination of cutting and scraping so the light would shine out differently in different spots. When I was done I cut holes at the top and stuck in some fresh flowers! I am thinking about maybe painting on it as well so it looks extra pretty during the day...but we'll see if I get around to that! Hope this gives you some inspiration for your pumpkins if you haven't gotten around to carving yet! If you already have, what did you carve? I would love to see!
I will be back tomorrow with the first of two super easy (and cute, not spooky) halloween decor ideas...If you haven't guessed already, one involves skulls :)


  1. omg this so so cool!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Hong Kong :*

  2. Your pumpkin is seriously amazing, Ella! I haven't carved a pumpkin in years and am really excited to finally do it this year. I love how fun and bright yours is and will definitely be using it as inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing! (:


  3. Wow your pumpkin looks so cool!! The flowers really add to it nicely!
    Sincerely, Sara