Last Minute Halloween Costumes (For My Fellow Procrastinators)

If you're anything like me (most years), you've put off your halloween costume up until now...despite the fact that you've been brainstorming an awesome, crafty project all year long. It's ok, life just happens...I can't even remember the last time I put together a real costume :( This year I'm more on top of it...some friends and I are being lost boys (from Peter Pan) and I have all the materials and part of it made...but I will definitely be scrambling to finish it before we go out tomorrow night!

Anyway, if you still have no idea what you are doing and need something to wear to a halloween party this weekend (or maybe you are a super slacker and still need something for tonight), here are a few fun, quick, simple ideas I found around the internets so you don't have to be that guy that shows up in a white sheet (unless you are going as a sexy ghost in which case I'm all for it). Hope these give you some ideas!
A Beautiful Mess has some adorable last minute couple costume the Fantastic Mr. Fox ones! You can definitely also use these ideas as inspiration for costumes for one person. Studio DIY has all sorts of quick costume ideas. I love these ideas for simple halloween "toppers." Want to be a ballerina but don't have a tutu? Check out this tutorial for a bubble wrap ballerina costume! Aaaand last but not least, you could always throw on some ears, paint on some whiskers and call it a night. I love that these animal ears have a little edge!
If you're not into the whole costume deal but want to be a little festive, here are some fun (and relatively easy if you use a small brush) halloween nail art ideas! (one//two//three//four)

Hope you all have a great halloween/halloween weekend! I'm sure I'll be sharing some pictures from mine next week :) Stay safe!


  1. I love those studded cat ears!