Strawberries + Spice

Here is the second drink we made using our infused alcohols! For this one we mixed the jalapeño rosemary tequila with strawberries to make a sweet and spicy drink. You could also use the jalapeño vodka in this if you want something with slightly simpler tastes (or even a plain or fruit infused tequila if you're not down for spicy).
Start by taking 5-7 medium sized strawberries and heating them in the microwave until they are soft. Muddle the strawberries until they are a puree. If you don't want your drink to have chunks, put the strawberries to make a sauce (similar to the one I used here). Mix the strawberries with 1.5 shots of the infused tequila, a couple shots of club soda, 1.5 shots simple syrup, and the juice of half a lime. If need be, do a little tweaking at the end-- depending on the strength of your infused alcohol, you may need to use slightly different measurements...if the rosemary flavor is on the stronger side, try adding more simple syrup and lime. I love the hint of spice in this drink. Do you like spicy drinks? One of my all time favorite drinks is a mango habañero martini--that's next on the list to experiment with!

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