I love planners

It's weird, but I really do love planners. Buying a new planner, notebooks and post-it notes is definitely my favorite part of starting a new year. Problem is, despite my love for office/organizational supplies, I am not really an organized person.  I've always been a list maker, but I write so many lists in so many places that I can't keep track of them.  It's a problem.  So, this year one of my resolutions was to be more organized.  So far it's going pretty well!  I decided that to help with this I would put together a planner that has everything I need in it, so I will actually use it.
To make my planner I got a mini binder from Russell + Hazel.  They sell everything you need to fill the binder, but it's pretty expensive so I chose to just get the weekly planner inserts and then make everything else myself.  You could also make your own inserts using tables in Word or you could try and find a template online (I was going to do this but didn't have a printer).  You can also find mini binders at most office supply stores if the Russel + Hazel ones are too pricey.  I got some white card stock and cut it to make the dividers and used washi tape to cover the tabs.  I also use thin washi tape to mark really important events that are coming up.
I also used the card stock to make other sections that I thought would help keep me organized.  I made a section with a list of short phrases that remind me of my new years resolutions, and a page for planning meals/grocery shopping lists (by doing this I have been pretty successful at avoiding a fridge full of rotting food at the end of each week).
To keep me on track with this blog I made a section for writing down blog post ideas, and planning out my blog posts for the next two weeks.  I just made a page (that folds out) with squares that fit little post-it notes.  This allows me to rearrange the schedule if I need to.  I also put in some extra pieces of lined paper for taking notes, and a space for keeping track of all the little tasks that I need to get done, but that aren't urgent. In the years to come I can add new sections, depending on my needs.  Yay for getting organized!

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