So far I've been seriously neglecting this blog...sorry! Things have just been so busy (and wonderful) here! I have to write about my experiences for a class so maybe I'll put some of my entries up here, but I'll also try to start posting again soon (one of my classes ends in a couple weeks so I'll have some more free time).

But, to quickly sum up my experience over the past month and a half that I haven't written: school is great, hard (because it's all in spanish and because its hard to adjust to the teaching style and attitudes of the professors and students), but definitely a great experience. I still love my host family and feel very comfortable in my house--I get to have lots of superhero "fights" with my little host brother and my host parents are so sweet and helpful. I've also started my internship with an organization called COIN. My friend and I are teaching a class about HIV/AIDS/Sexual Health/Self Esteem/etc. to a group of Haitian youth--I'll write more about it later but its been lots of fun and a great learning experience (and a lesson in patience...I'll explain later).

Well, that's all I have time to share right now. I'll leave you guys with a little playlist of a few songs that play lots here (I'll make a better one later with more bachata and merengue, but this is what I have for now)



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