A bit on Dominican Food

(fried cheese)

For breakfast I usually have a whole wheat bun with cheese melted in it, though I have also had mashed plantains, cereal, and fruit. Lunch is the biggest meal for Dominicans (my host parents come home from work to eat it). We usually have some variation of beans and rice, a salad/tomatoes, and sometimes fish. There are always TONS of avocados at lunch (my host father eats multiple avocados at every meal). Today we had plantains in two forms, steamed (I I think?) and sliced/fried with spaghetti and avocado. Dinner usually varies—I’ve had mashed plantains, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, soup…Last night I had plantains with fried cheese (the cheese is white and almost looks like thick slices of tofu that has been fried—it squeeks when you chew it!)

Throughout the day we usually have “meriendas” or snacks—my favorite is mangos. The mangos here are so sweet and juicy! There is also always homemade fruit juice in my house—my host dad is very into fresh fruit juice! I’ve had mango, papaya, passionfruit, orange, watermelon…yum!

(plantains, rice, & beans)

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