Springtime is Magic // A Mix

I had grand plans to share a (super yummy) recipe with you all today, but then I got home, put on some music, and got completely absorbed in finding new music and putting together a mix. So instead you get this mix for spring! The first song is one that Taylor discovered recently that I've had on repeat for the past couple of weeks - it is such an incredibly beautiful song. (Also, how catchy is "Girls Chase Boys?" And I love the sentiment behind it. You can see Ingrid's explanation of it right here).

I was just thinking about how these will be the songs that remind me of our last few months in Portland (for now). I found out on Tuesday that I got into the MSW Program at Hunter College, which is where I was really hoping to go, so Taylor and I have both officially decided to go to school in NYC together in the Fall! - it's all feeling realer than ever...and very bittersweet. I'm trying to soak in the Portland Spring weather and recharge for all of the big changes that are to come in the next few months...The other day I even started looking into renting moving vans. Ahh!

PS Did anyone else watch the How I Met Your Mother finale? I'm always a little embarrassed to admit that I like a sitcom, but man do I love that show. Taylor and I have spent many nights cuddled in bed binge watching episode after episode. What did you think of the ending? So many people have said they didn't like it, but I was completely ok with it. Perfect ending, in my opinion :)

Also, have you read this article about why HIMYM connected so deeply with the younger generation? Exactly what I've been trying to explain to my parents! They still don't get it ;)