We're A Million Miles Away

Just popping in today to share this pretty song from the movie "Her"...it has been the perfect soundtrack to this rainy, gray week. You may have seen Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Ezra Koenig (of Vampire Weekend) perform this at the Oscars on Sunday since it was up for Best Original Song...sorry "Frozen" fans, but this really should have won! Also, if you haven't already seen "Her" I would highly recommend it - it's an incredibly beautiful film.

I hope all of your weeks are going well - mine has been good, but long and tiring! I'm looking forward to a weekend of sleeping in, a visit with an old friend, and perhaps an outdoor adventure or two :)


  1. Beautiful song. I haven't seen Frozen yet, so not sure how it compares haha! Definitely excited to see Her - looks pretty great.

  2. Yes, I saw this on the Oscars and thought it was beautiful! So glad you posted this. I haven't seen "Her" yet, but have been meaning to! Really looking forward to it, especially after listening to this song :)