Neon//Gold Garland

This weekend was probably one of the best I've had in a was a good combination of lazing around and being super productive. I finished 4 DIY projects and finished one of my essays for my first grad school application! Woohoo! Here is one super simple DIY to start off the week. 

One of my favorite color combinations lately has been gold and neon...especially neon pink! So I decided to make another garland using these colors (you can see the other garland I made here). All I needed was a pack of wooden beads, painter's tape, gold spray paint and some sort of neon pink rope or string. I couldn't find the type of rope I was hoping to use, so I made do with some thicker pink cord (I think it was called parachute cord or something like that).

First cover half of each wood bead with painter's tape and spray them with gold spray paint (white could look good too). Once they are dry, remove the tape and begin stringing them onto your rope. I measured out my string first (make it a little longer than you actually want it to be in the end to account for the knots you are going to tie...I didn't add enough length and mine ended up being a little shorter than I originally wanted...oops). Then I added all of the beads and spaced them out, tying knots on either side of each bead as I went. That's it!

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about the most amazing thing I have ever baked in my life, seriously. Get excited.

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  1. This would be beautiful on a simple little Christmas tree for the holidays. :)