Eurotrip: Cadaques & Figueres, Spain

This is the last post of pictures from our Europe trip! (you can see the rest here) After Barcelona we took the bus to Cadaques for a few days to get a little R&R before we ended the trip in Paris. This was the perfect break from all the traveling and sight seeing we had been doing...and Cadaques is seriously one of the most beautiful and romantic places I have ever been in my life.
Cadaques is a tiny little fishing town just a couple hours away from Barcelona. Tourists have started to discover it so we heard lots of different languages, but it never felt too touristy. It still has a nice quaint, relaxed feel.
We spent most of our time wandering the streets and laying on the beach.  We did some walking along the water and explored a couple different little beaches.
The weather was perfect - just enough clouds and wind to keep us from burning to a crisp.  And each night we got to see a beautiful sunset with pink and purple clouds. This doesn't even look like real life, right?
On our way to Cadaques we stopped in Figueres, which is where Salvador Dalí grew up. We lugged our backpacks across the town to see the Dalí museum, which he designed himself. This was the most interesting and unique museum I've ever been to. You could spend hours in there! There are multiple floors with tons of different rooms filled with paintings and sculptures that range from being beautiful and inspiring to creepy and just plain weird! If you're going to be in the area, this museum is definitely a must see. Look how cool just the entry way was...
TO DO & SEE: There really aren’t many specific things I can recommend doing in Cadaques – this place is all about relaxing and taking a break from all of the sites! Each day we walked along the water to one of the many small beaches. It’s hard to get lost, so just walk around and explore! We also explored all of the little streets closer to town.  The white buildings and smooth, stone alleyways are so beautiful. We didn’t do this, but you can also walk a bit further (30 mins max) to Port Lligat where you can see Dalí’s house (which is also a museum). At night, wander around and listen for music! On our last night we found some music happening along the water, so we found a spot on the beach where we could enjoy the performance for free ;)

TO EAT & DRINK: Right near the center of town most of the restaurants were a little more touristy/expensive, and just didn’t look so good, so we went a little further down along the water to Riba d’en Pitxot, where there are a few different little tapas places lining the water.  They all have tables set up along the water, and it’s probably the most beautiful place I have ever eaten. Each night we tried a different restaurant and they were all amazing. Our favorite was Bar L’estable – get the pulpo and the patatas bravas. Hands down the best dishes we had in Spain. For lunch we would go to the local super market for sandwich materials, and for breakfast most mornings we went to a little bakery right downtown that had super yummy pastries.

WHERE TO STAY: This was the one place where we stayed in a hotel, because there aren't really any hostels or airbnbs in Cadaques. We stayed at Hotel Nou Estrelles, which ended up being perfect for us! This hotel was quite cheap, but also super clean, comfortable and close to the beach. Perfect if you're on a budget.  Only downside was that it was right next to a noisy bus station, but you couldn't hear anything with the window closed. The other place we looked into was Hostal Cristina, which is still on the cheaper side but is even closer to the beach (but we couldn't get a reservation).

Well, I'm off to dream about that beautiful blue ocean...hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love all of these photos! We're planning a trip to Europe next summer again to visit Jordan's extended family in Holland. We have one week planned there and are still trying to decide where to go for the following week. You're making Spain look very tempting!
    Whimsy Darling

  2. Oh that sunset photo is totally gorgeous!