A Mix for Fall

I'm a day late, but here is a little mix I put together to celebrate the beginning of Fall. I'm having mixed feelings about Summer being over...I'm a warm weather person through and through, but there is something special about the first few weeks of a new season. Yesterday I pulled out a scarf and a sweater, went to my favorite tea house, curled up in a comfy chair, and drank a pumpkin spice chai while I listened to the rain falling. It was pretty great. This time of year I am always drawn to quiet, melancholy music (think Bon Iver) but I managed to throw in a few upbeat (ish) songs as well so you don't get too sad ;) I had to resist the urge to make this playlist almost entirely The National - we saw them the other night and it was basically a near-religious experience. Seriously, it was that good. More about that later though :) In the mean time, grab your cuddle buddy and a hot cup of tea and enjoy this mix!

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