Cucumber Basil Breeze

This is the first of five cocktails we created using the alcohols we infused, and I think it is also our favorite! This drink is so light and refreshing -- perfect for a hot summer day.

For this drink you will need cucumber infused vodka, fresh basil, lemonade, lime and club soda. To start, put 1.5 shots of your vodka and 8-10 leaves of basil into a glass/shaker.  Muddle the basil well using a muddler or spoon. Add in 2 shots of lemonade and shake with ice. Add 1-2 shots of club soda and the juice of a wedge of lime. That's it!

Last night we used the cucumber vodka, but didn't have the ingredients to make this drink so we mixed the vodka with tonic and lime juice instead. So yummy!

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  1. This looks delicious!! I'm definitely going to try this :)