Confessions of a succulent addict

Guys, I have a confession to make.  I'm a succulent addict. I can't help but buy 1...or 2....or 10 every time I go to New Seasons for a few groceries or on accident end up in the plant store down the street...they're so cute! And only one dollar! How could I resist the little green guys?
Part of this addiction means coming up with fun ways to display all my succulents (I'm slowly running out of space in my bedroom...ruh roh). I have been collecting fun little vessels to put some of them in, but ever since I saw this I've been wanting to find something to put a little garden of succulents in.  I don't have room for something so big, so I was trying to find a suitable container for the longest time. But no luck. I ended up deciding to use a regular pot for now, and I'm actually really glad I did because I love the way this one turned out!  To do this I first spray painted the pot with white.  Then I used painters tape and a paper bag to cover the top portion of the pot and spray painted the bottom half gold. Done! When you're moving your plants into their new pot just be very careful with their roots and make sure you are using special succulent soil -- they don't like regular soil. 

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