Anthropologie Inspired Necklace Display

I'd been meaning to make this necklace display for a while before I finally did it this Summer.  It's inspired by one they used to sell at Anthropologie (which I can't find online for the life of me...).  There are also a ton of versions being sold on Etsy.  It prevents my necklaces from becoming a tangled mess in a box somewhere and goes nicely with the earring display I made. Also, it's pretty cheap and easy to make.
You will need:
A piece of scrap wood (I got mine from the Rebuilding Center.  They have so many pretty scraps and saws for you to cut them with.)
Mismatched knobs with the backing screws to attach them--make sure the screws are the right length so they don't stick out of the back (I got mine from Hippo Hardware. There are also lots of pretty ones on Etsy and at stores like Anthro and Urban.)
A drill (I borrowed a friends tiny, cheap battery operated drill.  It took a while to make holes but worked out fine.)

If you don't want to make holes in the wall to mount it you will need: thin pieces of wood (I used popsicle sticks), wood glue and command strips.

Cut your scrap of wood to size (mine is about 10 inches long).  Drill the appropriate number of holes, making sure they are evenly spaced.  Screw in your knobs. I attached mine to the wall using the command strips that are for hanging framed pictures since I'm renting and can't make holes in the wall.  I used wood glue to attach pieces of popsicle sticks to the spots where I needed to attach the command strips (this was so the display would lay flush against the wall--attach pieces until they rise the same distance from the back of the wood as the screw heads from your knobs).  Attach your command strips and hang up your new display! Super easy.

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