filling empty space

I've been slowly but surely trying to fill up the wall space in my room, but for some reason it's taking me forever.  It's hard when you can't make holes and have to worry about ruining paint. I finally put up a couple of prints above my bed, but now the empty wall above my desk feels so...well...empty.  So I gathered together some inspiration to help myself make a decision and decide on one last project for my room (seriously, it's about time).  I'm on a (very tight) budget so as much as I would love to just get one of the big prints I've been lusting after (see herehere and here), I need to come up with a cheap DIY instead.

1: Print out and string up a bunch of photos, postcards, etc // 2: I love the bold and simple white letters on black in this framed subway poster. This could easily be recreated with white sticker letters or a similar technique to the one I used here // 3: I've had this wall filled with wire phrases pinned for a long time. I could shape favorite lines of lyrics out of wire to hang on my wall // 4: A painted cork board would be a simple and easy project to do // 5: I could also just fill a cheap bulliten board with lots of pretty inspiration // 6: I really love the idea of finding a big, old frame (preferably white) and filling it with smaller pictures like this.

As soon as I settle on a project, a DIY for your wall space should be coming soon!

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