cutest paper baggies

The other day I went to Joann fabric (not sure what my excuse was this time...) and found the cutest little metal paper fasteners (these ones are similar).  Ever since I bought them I have been attaching them to everything...they make everything a little sweeter.  I thought I'd throw together a quick little diy for the little paper bags I used them on for the chai project, in case any of you decide to do the same.

1) Take a paper shopping bag or craft paper and cut out a rectangle that is an inch or so longer than you want your baggie to be and twice as wide as you want it to be, plus an inch or so.
2) Fold the sides down so that they overlap in the middle by around a half inch.
3) Glue the flaps together along the overlapping areas.
4) Fold a flap of about 1/2 inch at the bottom.
5) Using the fold as a guide for where to start, cut off the two bottom corners.
6) Cut off the top flap, along the bottom of the bag.
7) Glue the remaining flap down.
8) Fold down the top (about a 1/2 inch) and poke a fastener through the middle (you may need to use an exacto knife to cut a little slit).  You could also tape it down with washi tape or pull a ribbon through two vertical slits and tie a bow...whatever you want!

Off to bed now...night!

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