Room Inspiration

Next semester I'm moving into a new house which means I get to decorate my new room! I'm generally not the most organized/clean person (seriously, you should see my room right now) but I've found that if I really love (and have put a lot of effort into) the space I'm in, I'm a lot more likely to keep it I just love decorating my room.  So, I've been using pinterest as a way to keep track of inspiration for my new room.  I'm planning on doing lots of DIY projects this summer (such as this earring display from last week) that I can use in my room seeing as my budget is pretty limited.  Here is a little "inspiration board" I pulled together for my new room.  I've found that I gravitate towards simple black and white with lots of pops of color (especially pink and yellow).  I'm also hoping to get some prints for my birthday that I can frame and create a feature wall with (sort of like in picture #5).

picture sources: one//two//three//four//five//six//seven

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