Look who was here!!

Look who came for a quick little visit!

Though it was quick Taylor and I had a great visit--it was so nice to show him my life here so he knows what I'm talking about all the time on Skype!
After we settled into our hotel I brought Taylor to meet my host family.  This could have been extremely awkward seeing as he speaks zero spanish, but it turned out being really fun--my host mom asked him questions through me and my host brother entertained us by showing Taylor all of his toys (and just being adorable as usual...).  We spent the rest of the day exploring the colonial zone and the Conde (a big street in the colonial zone where there are lots of stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc).
The next day after grabbing some breakfast we headed to Juan Dolio--when we arrived at our hotel it promptly started raining and the street began to transform into a large river.  A chain of not so exciting/wonderful events followed (a jail-esque hotel room, possible kerosene leaks, closed restaurants, etc) and in the morning we decided that juan dolio is not so great when its raining (its basically a little town that attempted to develop into a tourist spot but that isn't really nice enough to survive--so now theres just a bunch of depressing abandoned half-built resorts)...so we hopped on (and squished into) a guagua back to Santo Domingo.  Best decision we could have made!  Once back in the city we found a hotel in a really cool old colonial building and then set off to find lunch.  Taylor got to have his first true guagua ride to get to his first true dominican meal! It was a success :) For the rest of the day we wandered around, went to the "mercado modelo", and then went to Plaza EspaƱa (where there was some sort of cultural event/musical happening) and had a yummy dinner!
Though everything didn't go as I had planned the weekend ended up being perfect :)

In other news: I've successfully completed one of my dominican college classes! I had my final for my Dominican Migrations class on Thursday and now I'm DONE! It's very exciting :) 
Also, a few weeks ago my friend Lucy and I rescued 3 kittens that some one had left to die on the street (unfortunately one was already dead :( ).  Two of them died within the first few days (our program supervisor is soso wonderful and took them in for us since there was nothing we could do), but one of them survived and is doing well! We went to visit him today and he's getting bigger and has much more energy and is SO cute! When I get some pictures I'll post them!
Other than that there's nothing big to share--it's strange how familiar life here is becoming! I've gotten into a routine and my family, the food, the city is all becoming so normal. It's nice :)

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