Last Minute Halloween Costumes (For My Fellow Procrastinators)

If you're anything like me (most years), you've put off your halloween costume up until now...despite the fact that you've been brainstorming an awesome, crafty project all year long. It's ok, life just happens...I can't even remember the last time I put together a real costume :( This year I'm more on top of it...some friends and I are being lost boys (from Peter Pan) and I have all the materials and part of it made...but I will definitely be scrambling to finish it before we go out tomorrow night!

Anyway, if you still have no idea what you are doing and need something to wear to a halloween party this weekend (or maybe you are a super slacker and still need something for tonight), here are a few fun, quick, simple ideas I found around the internets so you don't have to be that guy that shows up in a white sheet (unless you are going as a sexy ghost in which case I'm all for it). Hope these give you some ideas!
A Beautiful Mess has some adorable last minute couple costume the Fantastic Mr. Fox ones! You can definitely also use these ideas as inspiration for costumes for one person. Studio DIY has all sorts of quick costume ideas. I love these ideas for simple halloween "toppers." Want to be a ballerina but don't have a tutu? Check out this tutorial for a bubble wrap ballerina costume! Aaaand last but not least, you could always throw on some ears, paint on some whiskers and call it a night. I love that these animal ears have a little edge!
If you're not into the whole costume deal but want to be a little festive, here are some fun (and relatively easy if you use a small brush) halloween nail art ideas! (one//two//three//four)

Hope you all have a great halloween/halloween weekend! I'm sure I'll be sharing some pictures from mine next week :) Stay safe!

Spain Video!

Here is the last of my posts about our trip around Europe this past Summer (well, that took a while)! This is the video from our time in this point in the trip we were taking less and less video, so this one is on the shorter/simpler side, but it's still fun to have these memories to look back on in the future! I just re-watched the other little movies we made and it made me so nostalgic for that trip! You can find our France movie here, and our Italy movie here! (The France one is my favorite :) ).

The songs in the video are "Barcelona" by Giulia y Los Telarini and "Gorrion" by Juan Serrano. Hope you like it!

Skull Inspiration for You, and You, and You Too!

Aaaaand here is part 2 of my simple (not-so-spooky) halloween decor ideas...skull edition! Growing up we often attended dia de los muertos events with some of our family friends who celebrated...this was always one of my favorite events - I love the beautiful, colorful and even festive way of honoring the dead. Although dia de los muertos is an event entirely separate from Halloween (let's not get them confused!), I was inspired to use some of the bright colors you often see there and integrate them in with more typical halloween and orange, pumpkins, spider web, etc. To me, it makes the halloween season much more beautiful! So, I made this little skull to put with some other bits of decor we already had out (sorry there are no pictures of that...the lighting in my kitchen is SO BAD).
I got this little cardboard skull from Michael's. I really wanted to get one of the big plaster ones they have been selling but they only had one left that was already painted. Sad day. I probably didn't need a life sized skull lying around anyway...

So, all I did was paint it white, paint on some bright designs (using some pictures I found online for inspiration), and hot glue on some fake flowers! Done!
 Hope this gets you inspired to add some fun colors to your Fall/Halloween decor!

Simple Fall Decor Inspiration: Part I

I'm back with more pumpkin related goodness! This time I have some easy fall/halloween decor inspiration for you! As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not so into the usual halloween and black is one of my least favorite color combinations (too bad they were my school colors in college!)...BUT what about orange, white and gold? Those are close enough to halloween colors, right? I can get with that. 

To make these little decorative pumpkins I painted a layer of modpodge all over the stems, poured on lots of gold glitter, let it dry, and cleaned off the excess glitter. Then I decided it would be fun to add some white to the pumpkins, so I painted on some polka dots with acrylic paint (this required a couple coats). 
You could do lots of fun things with the white paint! You could paint triangles, stripes, you could do a dipped look...I was also thinking it would be cool to do a spider web-esque design by criss-crossing thin strips of tape on the pumpkin and then spray painting over it (let dry and then carefully remove the tape). The gold would also look really nice on a white pumpkin!

Off to the Pumpkin Patch We Go

This past weekend was full of lots of fun Fall activities, despite freakishly warm and un-fall-like weather (you're probably wondering why we're wearing shorts and dresses in the pictures below...go home Portland weather, you're drunk). After a big brunch Saturday morning a group of friends and I made the trek to Sauvie Island to pick out our pumpkins! Sauvie was crazy felt almost like a big fall festival. We wandered the fields, saw some animals (and resisted buying the cutest black piglets that were for sale), and came home with more pumpkins than were probably necessary...
When we got home, my housemates and I (plus Taylor) all made spiked cedar, put on some Beach House Pandora (the best) and set up a carving party on the porch. Below is my best attempt at a picture of all of our pumpkins (minus Sydney's which wasn't finished because of her perfectionist tendencies ;) ) really doesn't do them justice!
Aaaand, here is my pumpkin! I'm not super into the usual spooky/corny halloween decorations, but I can get with all the skulls. Those who know me can tell you I have a small obsession...not with creepy skulls, but pretty dia-de-los-muertos-esque skulls. Know what I'm talking about? Anyway, naturally I decided to carve a skull. I found some inspiration online, drew on my pattern and got to cutting. I did a combination of cutting and scraping so the light would shine out differently in different spots. When I was done I cut holes at the top and stuck in some fresh flowers! I am thinking about maybe painting on it as well so it looks extra pretty during the day...but we'll see if I get around to that! Hope this gives you some inspiration for your pumpkins if you haven't gotten around to carving yet! If you already have, what did you carve? I would love to see!
I will be back tomorrow with the first of two super easy (and cute, not spooky) halloween decor ideas...If you haven't guessed already, one involves skulls :)

DIY Hardware Jewelry

Lately, I've been a bit bored with my selection of accessories...but new jewelry just isn't in the budget. So, I decided to get creative and make some fun necklaces on my own, for super cheap. Each of these necklaces probably cost me under $2 each to make! When I went into the hardware store the other day, I was really surprised by how much I was inspired by everything they have in there - there are lots of bits and bobs that could easily be made into jewelry with just a few small changes. Since finishing these necklaces I've brainstormed a few more fun accessory DIYs using hardware, so look out for those on here in the future!
All you will need to do this is a few pieces of hardware, chains (or ribbon or whatever you want to use), paint, a paintbrush, and clear spray paint (not pictured). I would actually recommend using spray paint over regular craft paint if you can because it is much easier to use and seems to stick a bit better, but I had these craft paints on hand so I just used them.
Paint your hardware. You may have to do quite a few layers. Make sure you spray each piece with clear spray paint when you're done so they don't chip! String your pieces on to your chains and you're done!
I painted 2 different sizes of nuts that I can change around - I might try mixing and matching sizes as well!

While I was at it, I decided to try out this DIY from Yesterday's Sweetheart, using a piece of copper pipe. I think I might try and find a thicker chain for it eventually since this chain is a little too dainty, but I love this idea!

Well, that's it for now! Who woulda thought I'd be going to the hardware store instead of the craft store? - you can find inspiration in so many unexpected places. I'm excited to try more projects like this!

PS If anyone tries this DIY (or has done something similar), post a picture or link! I wanna see!

A Weekend in Seattle

Hello hello, friends! Taylor and I just got back last night from spending the weekend in Seattle with my mom. We had such a great time and really didn't want to leave...Every time I go back to Seattle I fall more and more in love with the city! I lived there until I was 12, so I love going back and remembering all of the things we did there when I was younger - we drove by my old house, visited all of our old favorite spots, and got to visit with a few family friends. Here are some pictures of our short but sweet visit!
After a quick visit with my godmother on Vashon Island, our first stop was breakfast and some wandering around Pike Place Market.
After we got our fill of the market we wandered around downtown, popped into a few shops, and then rested our feet by the water and soaked in the sun. We were so lucky to get two beautiful sunny, crisp fall days.
We stopped at Golden Gardens, the beach where I insisted on having my birthday every year growing up, despite the water always being freezing cold!
Next stop was Gas Works Park, which is an old gas plant turned park. There is a big hill (best place for flying kites) that has a beautiful view of the water and downtown in the distance (the title picture for this post is the view). Was anyone else obsessed with the movie 10 Things I Hate About You when they were younger? This park is where they filmed the paint balling scene :)

On Sunday morning we went to the Ballard Farmer's Market. We walked around, tried all the samples, enjoyed yummy food/coffee, and listed to some music.
Next stop was Red Mill Burgers for lunch. I wasn't leaving Seattle before I got one of their boysenberry shakes!
We ended the trip with a walk around Greenlake - I think I spent about half my childhood here learning to ride my bike, taking swimming lessons, running around with friends, playing soccer...Perfect place to end the trip! Taylor and I are already thinking about when we can plan another visit. Anyone been to Seattle recently? What did you think?

PS If you ever visit Seattle, I would highly recommend the restaurant El Camino in Fremont for dinner. We went there and loved it - great atmosphere & service, and super yummy mole & margaritas!

Ok, off to do some shopping for a few DIY projects I want to tackle this week! xx

Guest Post: White Rose Hot Tea Cocktail

Hey friends! I'm over on Life Laid Bear today sharing my recipe for a hot tea cocktail!...I know, sounds pretty weird. But it's delicious, I promise! Head on over to Jessica's blog to see the full post!
In other news, I apologize if posts over the next week are a little sparse. I started my new job today (yay!) and am adjusting to the new schedule and trying to figure out how to fit in all the other responsibilities I committed to while I was unemployed (ugh). Then this weekend Taylor and I are heading up to Seattle to see my mom (she will be there for a wedding) and do some exploring...So you might see some pictures from that trip around here in the near future!

Eurotrip: Cadaques & Figueres, Spain

This is the last post of pictures from our Europe trip! (you can see the rest here) After Barcelona we took the bus to Cadaques for a few days to get a little R&R before we ended the trip in Paris. This was the perfect break from all the traveling and sight seeing we had been doing...and Cadaques is seriously one of the most beautiful and romantic places I have ever been in my life.
Cadaques is a tiny little fishing town just a couple hours away from Barcelona. Tourists have started to discover it so we heard lots of different languages, but it never felt too touristy. It still has a nice quaint, relaxed feel.
We spent most of our time wandering the streets and laying on the beach.  We did some walking along the water and explored a couple different little beaches.
The weather was perfect - just enough clouds and wind to keep us from burning to a crisp.  And each night we got to see a beautiful sunset with pink and purple clouds. This doesn't even look like real life, right?
On our way to Cadaques we stopped in Figueres, which is where Salvador Dalí grew up. We lugged our backpacks across the town to see the Dalí museum, which he designed himself. This was the most interesting and unique museum I've ever been to. You could spend hours in there! There are multiple floors with tons of different rooms filled with paintings and sculptures that range from being beautiful and inspiring to creepy and just plain weird! If you're going to be in the area, this museum is definitely a must see. Look how cool just the entry way was...
TO DO & SEE: There really aren’t many specific things I can recommend doing in Cadaques – this place is all about relaxing and taking a break from all of the sites! Each day we walked along the water to one of the many small beaches. It’s hard to get lost, so just walk around and explore! We also explored all of the little streets closer to town.  The white buildings and smooth, stone alleyways are so beautiful. We didn’t do this, but you can also walk a bit further (30 mins max) to Port Lligat where you can see Dalí’s house (which is also a museum). At night, wander around and listen for music! On our last night we found some music happening along the water, so we found a spot on the beach where we could enjoy the performance for free ;)

TO EAT & DRINK: Right near the center of town most of the restaurants were a little more touristy/expensive, and just didn’t look so good, so we went a little further down along the water to Riba d’en Pitxot, where there are a few different little tapas places lining the water.  They all have tables set up along the water, and it’s probably the most beautiful place I have ever eaten. Each night we tried a different restaurant and they were all amazing. Our favorite was Bar L’estable – get the pulpo and the patatas bravas. Hands down the best dishes we had in Spain. For lunch we would go to the local super market for sandwich materials, and for breakfast most mornings we went to a little bakery right downtown that had super yummy pastries.

WHERE TO STAY: This was the one place where we stayed in a hotel, because there aren't really any hostels or airbnbs in Cadaques. We stayed at Hotel Nou Estrelles, which ended up being perfect for us! This hotel was quite cheap, but also super clean, comfortable and close to the beach. Perfect if you're on a budget.  Only downside was that it was right next to a noisy bus station, but you couldn't hear anything with the window closed. The other place we looked into was Hostal Cristina, which is still on the cheaper side but is even closer to the beach (but we couldn't get a reservation).

Well, I'm off to dream about that beautiful blue ocean...hope you all had a wonderful weekend!